Try these tips to sell your car

Is it time to put your car on the market? The spring is popular time for people to make such a purchase, as the weather improves. When selling your car privately, you’ll want to do everything to make it look top shelf. Use these guidelines:
• Research pricing. Numerous factors (like model, condition, mileage and geography) can influence a car’s worth.  It’s important to have realistic expectations about how much you can get for it.
• It’s important to clean your car thoroughly.  We call that detailing. Wash and wax the exterior. Then remove all interior and trunk clutter. Next vacuum and wipe down all interior surfaces, and clean all the windows.  If you’re strapped for time, we’d love to do the job.
• Advertise it. You might opt for the traditional route of placing an ad in the classifieds. Other sites, like,, and eBay Classifieds are popular.
• Obtain a vehicle history report to present to potential buyers. This can help a prospect feel more confident.
• Prepare a file with all the receipts from any maintenance work done on the car.
• Consider a full service inspection for piece of mind. That way you can inform the buyer of any potential issues, so there are no surprises.
• Make a copy of your vehicle title in preparation for the sale.

Remember to allow plenty of time for this process. We assure you it will be worth it when you have that check in your hand!