Our history is changing rapidly! Yeah... we know it can be hard to keep up but rest assured our changes will rock your world.  Not really.  But we think it's pretty cool.  

Early in 2016, 14/69 Auto Body gained a parent.  Actually a parent company,  Vision Collision LLC from Lansing, Michigan. Vision Collision had already acquired two other shops in Fort Wayne before teaming up with 14/69 Auto Body to create the largest and most advanced auto body repair organization in our area.  

In July of 2016, our organization grew again by acquiring both Al Gratz Body & Paint locations.  And to keep things simple for our loyal and dedicated Fort Wayne residents, we are not only keeping the 14/69 Auto Body name at our Avenue of Autos location, but over the next several months all our other Fort Wayne locations will also be changed to 14/69 Auto Body.  The signs will be changing soon!

Although we are super excited about our growth, 14/69 Auto Body's history didn't start here.

In 1988, Mark Beckstedt left his start up body shop, Beckstedt Body & Paint Shop in New Haven, Indiana, to start 14/69 Auto Body.  Along with three other partners and a desire to be the best in the business, they grew the shop year after year.  Eventually Mark became the sole owner.  His two children worked along side Mark to continue the tradition of improvement and growth.