To ensure your Infiniti is repaired properly and that you are satisfied and happy, we have taken the steps to become an

Infiniti Certified Collision Shop.

To us, the Infiniti brand represents luxury and style without compromising any class.  Therefore, we’ve studied, trained, invested and created an ongoing effort to stay current with the latest technologies and repair techniques because your Infiniti is worth it.

So, what does this mean for you?  Basically, your Infiniti will be given the respect it deserves.

People sometimes assume any shop can repair their vehicle correctly.  And, many can.  But how can you be sure?  Did you know that only 1 in 10 shops will meet or exceed the requirements for the certification.  Being an Infiniti Certified Body Shop means that we have accomplished and acquired things like….

o   Customer Service Index (CSI) by a third party provider.  Rest assured, we don’t know the people tallying the votes so the information is real.
o   All our customers get a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  No worries for you.
o   We’ve been in business since 1988.  That beats the minimum requirement from Infiniti
o   We have a preferred rental car provider and rental cars on site.  Hey, we can handle that for you.
o   We clean your car inside and out before you get it back.  It’s required!
o   Don’t forget the continuous technical training.  We are on The Road to Gold with I-CAR
o   We can’t fix your car properly without the proper equipment.  All our equipment has been inspected and upgraded when needed to repair your car right. Plus we’ve invested in specialized equipment that keeps us and our techs ahead of the curve.
o   Our estimators have access to electronic manuals, manufacturer repair information and electronic estimating software.  Plus they get training too!
o   Don’t forget about being environmentally friendly and compliant. 

These are just some of the requirements that we comply with in order to hold the Infiniti Certification. 
"But my insurance company referred me to a different body shop."

That’s ok.  If your insurer directs you to one of its direct repair facilities (DRP) this may be a good choice, but you should check it out prior to taking your vehicle there for repairs. 
Do they meet all the Infiniti requirements that we do?

Are they Infiniti Certified Collision Shop?  

If you are not comfortable with your insurance company’s recommendation, you still have the right to go to another body shop of your choice, like 14/69 Auto Body.
In fact, we work with all insurance companies.   We do have some Direct Repair relationships but in short, it doesn't matter.  It's your choice regardless of the insurance company.  Call us and we can help you get your Infiniti and life back.